Frequently Asked Questions

Let's talk about Truth

Question: What is Truth?

Answer: We're the easiest way to anonymously message your friends. Download the Truth app, pick a few of your phone contacts, and start telling the truth!

Question: Will my friends be able to tell that its me?

Answer: Not unless you tell them. We'll disguise you as an owl with a random personality. Your name will be changed and your number will never be shown to them. :)

Question: How come I can only message my phone contacts? What about my contacts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?

Answer: We designed it this way so that each Truth you receive is personal - it will be from someone who knows your phone number. Maybe one day we'll open it up so that you can receive messages by linking your other social media accounts! If you want this feature, tweet at us. @usetruth

Question: Why do I have to send a text to verify my phone number?

Answer: This is just our way of confirming that you really are the owner of your phone number. We don't want just anybody looking at your Truths.

Question: Will Truth be available for Android?

Answer: Yes, we're working on it. Tweet at us if you have an Android phone and you're itching to use Truth!

Question: How come I can't just enter a phone number to send a message to?

Answer: We want the interactions to be between friends in address books. This way, if you receive a message, you're more likely to have received it from someone who is in a closer, more intimate circle of yours.

Question: I just signed up, where are my messages?

Answer: Make sure you've verified the right number - it should be the one that your friend messaged.

Question: I received some messages that I didn't like very much. What should I do?

Answer: Report the sender! In the message thread, you can find the report button on the top right. We want to create an environment that is fun and non-threatening - your reports help us keep it this way for everyone.

Question: A friend has opened up to me that they are self-harming and/or have suicidal thoughts. What should I do?

Answer: Remember that your friend has reached out to you for a reason. Be understanding of their situation and offer a listening ear. Make sure to immediately contact your local suicide prevention centre for advice on how to handle the situation. If you don't know how to contact your local centres, go to . Also, report the conversation so that we can get your friend the help that they need.

Question: Does hiding/unhiding my friend's name reveal my identity?

Answer: Nope! We will never reveal your identity to the person you are talking to. No need to worry!

Question: What does the fox say?

Answer: We're not sure because foxes don't speak english, our foxish is weak at best.